Net Zero Energy Buildings

The Net Zero Energy concept stretches every aspect of our design while combining all of our passions and keeps us involved for years after completion, so we continue to learn.

Net Zero Energy Buildings may seem like the new “thing” in the built environment, but Optima Engineering has been behind this concept since 2006, when they designed their first Net Zero Energy Building.   Net Zero is not just a design concept: it is a construction and operation issue.  The building has to be designed properly, then constructed properly, and lastly operated properly.  As most design professionals, we were used to walking away from a project once the construction is complete: that is impossible with Net Zero Energy Buildings. To sum it up, Optima believes that Net Zero Energy is a worthy goal for buildings.  It saves the owner money, it has a lower impact on the environment, and it provides for a more resilient building in the future, as our modern way of life becomes more and more threatened by natural disasters as well as man made ones.  Obviously not all owners will ever choose this type of building, but it is our job and our passion to inform them of all of the benefits of such a building and encourage them to follow that path.

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