Ten Oaks Middle School

Myrtle Beach, SC

Project Summary

One of the five, new, Net Zero Energy schools in Myrtle Beach, SC. With the combined budget of $222,500,000, all five schools have been completed between August 2017 and April 2018.

Project Highlights

170,000 SF
Modeled at less than 17 EUI
Pre-fabricated Mechanical Penthouse
Solar PV System rated for up to 140 MPH winds

To maximize the building’s use of natural lighting, all classrooms are placed on exterior walls. Hollow-cored concrete floors will be used as the ductwork in the classrooms. By storing thermal energy for days, these concrete planks allow the schools to bridge daily temperature fluctuations without utilizing “on Peak” power. The central water sourced heat pump designed HVAC system offers several benefits, including the highest efficiency with a modeled less than 17 EUI, the lowest maintenance cost at half that of a traditional distributed water source heat pump design, and the longest life cycle of any comparable HVAC system according to ASHRAE. All of the main HVAC equipment will be built off-site in a prefabricated mechanical penthouse and shipped to each site. Operating this way is beneficial as it lowers initial cost, increases the quality of the machines, and speeding up the time it takes to condition the building during construction. The solar PV system produces approximately 21.7 Gwh over 25 years, the system has a 540KW AC output, and is rated for up to 140 mph wind. The solar PV system array has almost 2,000 SF of transparent modules installed over the entrance canopy. These PV modules are integrated into the architectural covering for the structure and it connected to the building power system independently from the roof mounted PV system array.