Multimedia/Cable Television Provider – Corporate Data Center

Southeastern United States

Project Summary

Expansion and upgrade services provided for large, corporate cable television provider’s data center.

Project Highlights

  • Removal of existing single utility service and addition of dual utility services
  • Installation of glycol loop for cooling
  • Redundant computer room AC units
  • Roof-top dry-coolers and pumps


Providing engineering design for a large, corporate cable television provider, Optima provided expansion and upgrade services at the company’s confidential data center. Requiring over 10,000 SF of raised floor area, with provisions for an additional 5,000 SF, the project necessitated the removal of the existing single utility service and addition of dual, 4000A utility services, 2-2000 kW generators in a 2(N) redundant configuration and a system control cabinet with 3-300 kVA static UPS modules in an n+1 redundant configuration with provisions for a 4th module. The project’s scope also included the installation of a glycol loop for cooling in the mission critical areas, with redundant computer room AC units and roof-top dry-coolers and pumps. An FM-200 fire extinguishing system and pre-action sprinkler system were installed in the Data Center, as well as pre-action sprinkler systems in other mission critical areas.