Carowinds – Various Projects

Charlotte, NC

Project Summary

Completed a variety of small and large-scale projects for Carowinds, a large theme park.

Project Highlights

  • Power and data conduit throughout site of life-sized dinosaur attraction
  • Electrical engineering design necessary for installation of two large roller coasters



For several years, Optima has enjoyed the opportunity to work on multiple projects at Carowinds, a large theme park located at the North Carolina/South Carolina border. In addition to outdoor site lighting, restaurants and concessions, restrooms and small renovation projects, work on some of the larger attractions has included:

Dinosaurs Alive! – This attraction provides guests with the opportunity to interact with animatronic, life-sized dinosaurs. Visitors walk through a five acre outdoor space for this experience. Optima’s electrical engineering design work for this project consisted of distributing the necessary power and conduit for data and power across the site. Power also had to be provided for pumps in various ponds, to circulate on site water through the attraction.

Top Gun and The Borg Assimilator – Beginning its life at another park in California, the rebranded “Borg Assimilator” roller coaster was transferred to Carowinds in 2004. Since 2008, the coaster has carried the name “Nighthawk.” Originally named for the hit action movie, “Top Gun” is a 144’-0” tall steel coaster that was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard for Carowinds. Under new management, it has been renamed “Afterburn.” Optima provided the electrical engineering design necessary to install both roller coasters upon arrival.