Senior Living

There is a high demand for premium-quality, energy efficient design when it comes to senior living facilities. With the changing demographics, Baby boomers are already a vibrant customer base and the primary “buyers” for their parents’ lifestyle as they age. The design requirements have changed and adapted for today’s active seniors to provide them with more of a community feel. At Optima, we understand the critical processes involved in successfully treating residents.  We design the infrastructure around those processes to ensure the safety, comfort and protection for both patients and staff.  Building a senior living facility is much more than just specifying the indoor air quality, HVAC systems, and fire alarms.  Fundamentally, it’s about reliability, comfort, and having an intimate knowledge of treatment and surgical processes that directly affect patient care.

Aldersgate Senior Living Campus

Branchlands Senior Living

John Knox Village – The Courtyards & The Meadows

Southminster Senior Living Campus