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Optima Engineering is proud and excited to announce the promotion of five key team members as the firm’s new Principals. These individuals have demonstrated exemplary performance and long-term dedication and commitment to the company, our clients, and their own professional growth, design, and business expertise. These qualities along with their extensive experience had positioned them well to continue providing greater levels of leadership within the firm.


Mark Hyatt, P.E. (Charlotte Office)
Mr. Hyatt has been with Optima Engineering since December 2007 and over the years he has developed a working relationship with architects, owners, contractors, equipment suppliers and code officials. Mark combines his technical knowledge and experience to produce an effective blend of function and compliance in each of his designs. He utilizes his hands-on experience of the industry and his passion for understanding how systems work to inspire and inform his designs and construction observations. Since joining the team, Mark has excelled at project management, client relationship communication, construction administration and sustainable design. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Virginia.
Email: mhyatt@optimaengineering.com


Brandon Miller, P.E. (Charlotte Office)
Brandon has over 20 years of experience in electrical consulting and design. He joined Optima Engineering in June 2004. Mr. Miller’s extensive experience can be seen throughout many sectors including Retail, Commercial spaces, Amusement Parks, K-12 schools, Healthcare, Higher Education and Municipal facilities. He believes that functionality and budget on projects are very important and he has the knowledge and insight necessary to assemble complete and accurate electrical designs. Brandon coordinates, produces and designs of all electrical systems including production of construction plans, system specifications and cost analyses while maintaining building code requirements. He received Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and earned his second Bachelor Degree in Applied Physics and Engineering Concentration from The Appalachian State University.
Email: bmiller@optimaengineering.com


Clint Dover, P.E. (Charlotte Office)
Mr. Dover joined Optima Engineering as Mechanical Engineer in June 2006. He holds Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University in South Carolina. Clint’s expertise lies in an assortment of projects and delivering a high level of skill is the standard to every new commission. He has a passion for HVAC, improving indoor environments, applying energy efficient solutions and designing complex mechanical systems. His project specialties extend from Commercial spaces to Higher Education to K-12 Schools, Healthcare and Mission Critical facilities. Clint takes pride in providing excellence in all aspects of business and is committed to provide the highest level of services including developing and maintaining client relationships, project coordination, energy modeling code review, cost estimating, value engineering, construction administration and production of construction documents and specifications. He enjoys obtaining information about new, innovative products and sharing his knowledge with others at Optima.
Email: cdover@optimaengineering.com


Daniel Revilla, P.E. (Charlotte Office)
One of Optima’s longstanding Engineers, Daniel, joined the company in September 1995. His long-term commitment to the MEP industry brings over 30 years of engineering skills, experience and contributes a high level of quality design as well as a strong desire for building and maintaining long-term client relationships. Mr. Revilla sets an example by providing great customer service, paying attention to detail, providing internal quality control, and developing new business relationships. His strong background and diverse knowledge of plumbing and fire protection systems has allowed him to deliver design excellence and add value to projects, resulting in a high level of client satisfaction. Daniel earned Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is certified by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.
Email: drevilla@optimaengineering.com


John Mathews, P.E. (Raleigh Office)
John joined Optima Engineering in April 2017, bringing over 20 years of experience in the engineering industry. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Mathews has extensive experience designing mechanical systems for commercial, residential, educational, medical, and governmental facilities. John excels in identifying and understanding client perspectives, partnering with our clients to translate their vision into reality and with a passion for his trade and with keen attention paid to every detail, he takes pride in finding effective and practical solutions to the most complex building designs.
Email: jmathews@optimaengineering.com