In reality, much of our engineering design work is invisible to the occupants of the buildings whose systems we have designed. Perhaps without even realizing it, each day, everyone from maintenance crew members to CEOs depend on Optima Engineering’s work for their building system’s reliability, comfort, and functionality. We’re proud of our work and realize that being invisible is one thing; staying invisible over the life of a building is another.

Optima Engineering always adds valuable expertise to our clients’ projects.

We have a wealth of design experience with many kinds of buildings, including mission critical, commercial, industrial, healthcare, schools and universities, multi-family complexes, assisted living centers, fire and police stations, prisons, restaurants and churches. HVAC design, electrical systems, plumbing, fire alarms, lighting and sustainable technology implementation are just a few areas in which we have significant experience.

Whether we are designing integrated systems or stand-alone projects, Optima Engineering always adds valuable insight to our clients’ projects.

Our areas of expertise include: