Apex Friendship High School

Apex Friendship High School was one of three new schools opened last August, and the only new high school. During one open house, parents sometimes seemed more awed by the school, and all it offers, than their teenage offspring were.

The School is as 4-story facility in Wake County, and it opened its doors to 1,000 ninth-and 10th graders. Over the next two years the school will be adding juniors and seniors to eventually have more than 2,200 students. The 315,752-square-foot building is on 108 acres. Besides the 111 classrooms, the school is provided with a State-of-the-Art Media Center, two centralized Gymnasiums, 8,000-square-foot, 850 seats Auditorium, great outdoor Athletic facility with basketball courts, tennis courts and a football field.

Architect: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
M/E/P Engineering: Optima Engineering
Contractor: Balfour Beatty / Metcon.